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Bitcoin Wallet

What Is a Bitcoin Wallet?  

What is bitcoin wallet — List of top best wallets for year 2020.

As we know that bitcoin is cryptocurrency developed by unknown programmer in early of 2008,Unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrency is stored in digital form, This digital form or software program where bitcoin stores is called bitcoin wallet. Physically bitcoin are not store in a paper form like dollar or euro it is only store in a electronic form in a bitcoin wallet.every bitcoin wallet have private sure key to corresponding to the bitcoin address of that wallet. Bitcoin wallet give right to its owner for sending or receiving money from anywhere of world.there are various forms of bitcoin wallet in which some majors are desktop, web,mobile and hardware form,

bitcoin wallet

Technology behind Bitcoin Wallets

A bitcoin wallet is such type of digital wallet where every bitcoin owner store their coin in electronic form, to make investment worldwide or trade in cryptocurrency or making payments for good you must need digital wallet, unlike physical wallet this wallet not store your physical fiat currency, this wallet store most relevant information like a private key to secure your wallet and making transaction happy.


What are Desktop Wallets of bitcoin?

Such type of digital wallet install on your computer /desktop to store bitcoin, and get full control over the wallet.this type of wallet give rights to its owner for sending and receiving money in secure mode, the user have private key which make it most secure. You can get desktop wallet from these companies -- electrum, Hive OS X, MultiBit, Bitcoin Core, Armory. 

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallet is same as a desktop wallet, But it needs some research before deciding which one you want to use due to significant malware on wallet, Unlike desktop wallet mobile wallets facilitate transactions in physical store via “Touch to pay” and NFC scanning of QR Code, Mobile wallets are compatible with both iOS and Android system, Example of mobile bitcoin wallets are — Hive Android and Mycelium. 

Web Wallets

Web wallet are such type of wallet that can be accessed anywhere from the world on any type of browser, mobile device, or tab over the Internet, this wallet is not secure becoz your private key is online and may be some hack, Some example of this wallet Blockchain and Coin base are most popular for this wallet

 Hardware Wallets

Hardware form of wallet is most advance and far the most secure way to store your coin, it is based on a physical piece of equipment that us usually plugged into a computer via USB port to use. But unlike other wallet, it is not free, maybe you should be charged between $100 to $200.

Keep Special things for Wallet Security before using.

It is not important thing to how much coin you have in wallet, and which one wallet are using, the main thing to be consider before using these type of wallet is its security.due to high value target of hackers. Use safeguard that encrypting the wallet with strong password. Or choose option for cold storage that is storing your wallet offline, insure your mobile devices, and computer have latest antivirus, Change your private key on regular basis, dnt share private key with anyone and never store in mail id, better to write it in your diary.


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