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If you are new in crypto world,dnt warry Your journey starts with downloading a wallet,There are lots of wallet that allows you to safely store your hard earn asset bitcoin and bitcoin cash,this wallet also allow to spend your coin.

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Get started with Btc | Bitcoin is an innovative payment network system and a new kind of future money. Bitcoin is Cryptocurrency based on peer - to -peer technology and operate without any interference of central authority or banks. Transaction or issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency ) is an open source software, its design is public and open for public, No body controls bitcoin and everybody take part. Start converting bitcoin to your fiat currency like Btc to inr

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Btc To Inr | What is value of 1BTC To Inr | What is Bitcoin, & their Prices History.

Btc to Inr

Bitcoin is such type of crypto-currency which is world most loved and oldest cryptocurrency,its user growing day by day that show how it popular between is decentralize international payment system where you can send or received electronic money without interfere of third party.

Bitcoin was launched on 3rd January 2009 by the mysterious developer or group of developers called in bitcoin You don’t need a third party to carry out financial transactions; moreover, bitcoins are stored electronically, which is why Bitcoin was launched as a “Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. Bitcoin have a unique technology that distinguish it from traditional currencies like dollar or rupees.

Bitcoin physically not exist, it is discover (mined) independently by people that have the resources it is stored and maintained by using strong cryptographic keys,which is the reason behind the name ‘cryptocurrency’. It is runs by legal agency and ledger technology called blockchain that records every transaction on the network.

Bitcoin to inr

History :- Bitcoin prices

As we all know Bitcoin is cryptocurrency & it has very volatile price history since it was first born in 2009. we have seen lots of action in this cryptocurrency in its short life span of 2009 to 2020.initially bitcoin was not popular and the price was very low as 0.0007.
btc to inr price history

The first real price increase in month of July 2010 and the valuation of a bitcoin increases from $0.0007 to $0.08 for a single coin.from the 2010 to 2017 we have seen major rallies and also some crashes,we hope again bull are coming to make it all time high in 2021.

Year :- 2011-2012
March 2011 to March 2012 Bitcoin was trade between $1 to $13

Bitcoins firstly come in received acceptance in year 2011 from an international non-profit groups (digital rights group )called the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but this group later stopped accepting Bitcoins due to government regulation and security reason. but In the year 2012, again the Bitcoin Foundation was launched, and it was the time when more than 1000 merchants start accepting it as a payment service.

Year :- 2013 to 2014
March 2013 to March 2014 Bitcoin was trade between $390 to $610
lets see what was happen after 4 year of first born of bitcoin
In the month of March 2013, suddenly the price of one Bitcoin rose up to $22. that is almost 2200% in just 4 year. i think it will be sound good,Now it was the time that took attention of US government,

and later in 2014 this cryptocurrency exchange in the US got an endorsement from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regarding the listing of an OTC (Over the Counter)

Year :- 2015-2016
Let see the year 2015 to 2016 .March 2015 to March 2016 Bitcoin was trade between $201 to $635,and if you calculate the return since the birth of bitcoin it should be 7937500% that is excellent.

These two years were black year for bitcoins becz multiple of cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked by hacker from unknown places. However, we cant forget this period also had several positives, of them being the deployment of around 700 new Bitcoin ATMs across the world
launch to help people to access their Bitcoins conveniently in their local currency.

Year :- 2017-2018 (Golden age of Bitcoin)
Feb 2017 to Dec.2018 Bitcoin was trade between $19783 to $6300 and it was golden era for all bitcoin investor.

This year new hope arises and we see number of merchants and businesses are start accepting BTC as payment method to continued to rise exponentially. It was the month of December 2017, when Bitcoin price start increasing drametacilly to its all-time high of $20,000, and Bitcoin started getting further mainstream attention and in very short period volume increases.

The rate of transactions increased threefold. but the golden era not sustance more and bad time were started for bitcoin investors,bcoz of , in 2018, BTC started a bearish run that saw it drop to $3,000 by the start of 2019.

Year :- 2019-2020
By the month of may-june-2019, the cost of 1 Bitcoin had moved to $13,000(usd) again,but it also not sustance,and fall to back to the mid-6,000s and 7-000s. 2019 was the year when bitcoi futures exchange. end of 2019 and early of 2020 also we saw the launch of Bakkt Options and CME Options respectively. in this mean time Bitcoin is being widely adopted as currency as time goes on. but The Bitcoin price has dropped to $4,800.

What are The Advantages of using Bitcoin As a Payment System in our lifestyle.

As we all known that Bitcoin is such type of digital payment system where third party not required for txn. As a payment system bitcoin has some powerful advantages over the old traditional currency.They are as follows:
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● The most common advantage come in my mind are -Traders or Investor get freedom from peer-to-peer trading and there are no interruptions from third parties such as the private agency,government agency, banks and any type of other financial institutions.
● As we know there are no third party required for any txn between two person so No sales tax is payable on Bitcoin transactions.
● Transaction fees are lower than standard wire transfers,it take few second to credited any any person wallet anywhere in world,while wire transfer take upto 7 days
● Nationa and International transactions of bitcoins are massively quick as compared to standard bank transfers, or any other services,

How Price of bitcoin Calculated?or What external factors effect bitcoin prices?

Bitcoin is such type of cryptocurrency based on highly algorithm technologies called, ‘blockchain’ — and it is a highly secure, mosttime-efficient and decentralized record-keeping ledger system. Blockchain technology makes Bitcoin an incredibly powerful and most secure payment tool, bitcoin price depend upon supply and demand chain, Demand increases price increases, demand fall price fall,However, market have its own rule to sets its price.
how to btc price calculated

As it is listed on almost every cryptocurrency exchange platform, but remember the price varies according to It's selling price on each of them platforms.
Political national and international events and technological developments also impact over the Bitcoin price. All investor or who loved bitcoin give their attention here, be extremely careful while investing in bitcoins as its price can be very volatile.

Is Bitcoin Legal in world?

is bitcoin legal in world

The legality of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency for us depends on where we are located in the world. Remember Bitcoin is not legal in all countries; there are lots countries where buying and selling of bitcoin is illegal and you could be punished for these activities. However, the level of security and privacy afforded by BTC is enough to keep your mind secure. Before investing in any cryptocurrency take legal advisory from your financial advisor.

Where Can Buy Bitcoins?

Buying and selling place of Bitcoin has the biggest market capitalization among all cryptocurrencies.there are lots of exchange or websites that offer buy and sell services with your local currency, Bitcoin is almost always the first option on every cryptocurrency exchange,If you’d like to buy/sell BTC or get introduced to cryptocurrency for whatever reason, here are a few websites you can check out:

best place to buy sell exchange bitcoin

Localbitcoin:- is amost trusted and highly recommended place for buy and sell in your local area with local vendors,this platform allows its user to buy and sell with lots of local payment system like UPI,Google Pay, PayTm, Upi, Cash deposit, Wire transfer.

● Coinbase: It is also best cryptocurrency exchange platform based in country united stateCalifornia and it iscurrently operates in more than 35 countries worldwide. Coinbase is the one of the most securing platforms in the world for crypto lovers who are looking to buy or sell bitcoins.

● Coinmama: Coin mama is third most secured and trustedleading cryptocurrency exchange, and it islocated in Country Israel. Its provide best platform for buy sell exchange, and trade bitcoins easily using your credit or debit card. It pays also 15% affiliated commission for every translation that was refer by you.

Is Bitcoin became a Good asset for future Investment?

If you are thinking to invest your hard money in digital asset like bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency the stop and think again,

future of btc to inr

lots of people think that Bitcoin might take several years to make a global impact, and They never believe in the digital currencybitcoin due to its prevalent use ofon the dark web, and it primarily existing on the internet only in digital form, and we all know internet is haven forhackers and cyber attacks.

However, there are also some major and most secure and latest technology behind the Bitcoin network that make it popular among investors, this technologyis run by the thousand of computers (nodes) and every transaction is recorded in the blockchain, and itis secured with strong cryptography to protect it from theft.

And it is reason behind the popularity of bitcoin around the world, As a result, in recent years, bitcoin has gained in value significantly, and has become the most trusted crypto in the world. The developments and applying of the latest technology in Bitcoin are driving it further and further towards global adoption, and it is absolutely the right time to invest in BTC.

Is any agency or Government bodies Controls the Bitcoin Network?

The ans is absolutely No. No one controls the Bitcoin network, as it is open source software and that’s the best part of bitcoin. Bitcoin work on blockchain technology. Blockchain itself based on is entirely public domain, making all transactions completely transparent to anyone from anywhere the globe. There is no any central authority that controls the Bitcoin network; Bitcoin technology based on blockchain whereevery computer or node on the network that verifies every single transaction and maintains the public ledger domain that is the underlying blockchain system.

Miners or traders that are behind the blockchainfor solving vast algorithm for completing transactions selected through the Proof-of-Work system and validate all the transactions and store/record those transactions in the Blockchain system.

Mining of Bitcoin is really toughand a high degree of difficulty requires. Expensive machinery, and a high amount of energy required for this system. We know Every 10 minutes, a new block is created on the blockchain, and it needs high amount of energy fuel.

The most advantage of bitcoin network system is that thedevelopers behind the Bitcoin network don’t control it. They can only introduce updates and innovations in accordance with the miner and user consensus,

What Is the Current Scenario of Bitcoins?

A number of financial experts are expecting a huge price moving within the crypto space in upcoming years. According to them, the Bitcoin payment system is new era of new generation and in coming year, it is in need of faster transaction speeds and a higher degree of privacy. Developers and programmers are constantly working to make Bitcoin better and more suitable for global community.
current scenario of Bitcoin

Major of expert excepting the price of single bitcoin become in million, by year 2030.

Bitcoin Price predaction!

Year 2020-21 = $11900 - $14600
Year 2021-22 = $15000 - $18900
Year 2022-23 = $22000 - $24900
Year 2023-24 = $16090 - $21090
Year 2024-25 = $55000 - $65700
Year 2025-26 = $100000 - $150000
Year 2026-27 = $200000 - $320000
Year 2027-28 = $500000 - $600000
Year 2028-29 = $1 million Onward
So keep your eye on bitcoin asset and really it's time to accept bitcoin asset as your most loved asset and start investing.